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This is Secret Creek!

Formerly Colorado Yurt Company

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Your Guided Discovery

Yurts, Tipis and Tents by Secret Creek

Secret Creek isn’t a mythical place. It’s where you connect with the outdoors.

Is your secret creek…

  • Red dunes against a desert sky?
  • Aspen trees near timberline?
  • A view of the moon and the Milky Way?
  • Far from you, or just steps away?

Embrace your secret creek. Discover your nature. Dream of making it happen, and we’ll guide you there…

Our History

When Dan and Emma Kigar made their first tipi in 1976, their motivation was to make a mountain home together where they could watch the constellations and feel the changing seasons. Over time, they were inspired to design and build more structures, eventually adding engineered yurts and rugged four-walled tents to our product line. We called ourselves Colorado Yurt Company.

For over four decades, our founders helped people realize their dreams of owning one of our remarkable dwellings, and in 2020, Dan and Emma handed the reins of Colorado Yurt Company to John and Kelly Gibson. The four of them continue to love and appreciate the company’s past, and look forward to its future as Secret Creek.

Our Impact

When you buy a handcrafted shelter from Secret Creek, you’re making the choice to own something more environmentally friendly than a standard building, without sacrificing safety or reliability!

You’re also making a choice to connect with the outdoors all over this amazing planet we call home.

But we’re not just having an impact on what people envision when they picture a home or accessory structure to their outdoor-lifestyle dreams.

We’re changing people’s lives right here in our own hometown and in our production warehouse too by contributing to the economic vitality of our community. Because our employees and our community aren’t just who and where we work, but also why we love what we do!

Our Purpose

As a long-standing yurt, tipi and tent manufacturer, we love inspiring connections to nature through outdoor education and experiences.

We also love our community, our employees, our customers, our products and our legacy!

What’s not to love?

We’re reliable, enthusiastic, trusted, collaborative and driven to hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Living the Dream

From a mid-career English teacher looking for a simpler and more affordable way to own her own home, bold restaurateurs and hospitality entrepreneurs who think outside the box, to an entire school district setting aside 10 acres where they can create a unique learning environment for their students and the community, Secret Creek brings dreams to life.

One of our favorite success stories comes from Camp K in Utah. The camp exists to serve, inspire, care for, and make a difference in people’s lives, and is extremely inclusive – serving people of all ages; people with cognitive and physical challenges; people with and without disabilities; and people from different socio-economic backgrounds, beliefs, religions, and cultures. Campers and staff come to Camp K from all over the United States and the world.

Camp K is located on a beautiful 25-acre property in a hidden peaceful oasis just minutes from Salt Lake City, and includes five Colorado Yurts and two painted Earthworks Tipis (among other features like a heated swimming pool and an equestrian center).

Mircea Divricean, President and CEO of Camp K chose these structures because they “provide a unique environment for learning – giving the students an opportunity to be inspired, creative, and innovative. The round shape also symbolizes inclusion and diversity – there are no corners. When we gather our campers in a circle, whether it be around a campfire or in a yurt, all feel equal and appreciated.”

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Solutions for Businesses

Whether you’re designing a large-scale site, creating an outdoor business, hatching an outdoor education space, or bootstrapping to become an entrepreneur, we’re here to help you provide options for your clients and customers.

Ask us how we can partner with your business or start-up to make all of your entrepreneurial or industry dreams come true. Contact us to learn more.

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