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ROI Calculator

If you’re considering investing in glamping structures, you might be wondering, “What’s the ROI on this kind of venture?” Well, grab your marshmallows and get ready to roast them over the fire, because we’re about to explore the fun side of glamping and short-term rentals!

When it comes to ROI, our structures can be a great investment. Depending on the location and level of luxury, you can charge premium prices for your accommodations and because glamping structures are durable and low-maintenance, your upkeep costs will be minimal. Try out our ROI Calculator below or  download the Customer ROI Projection Model here.

Please keep in mind, these values are for reference only and should be changed if necessary to represent your specific budget. Consult with your tax professional or financial advisor for specific advice. Due to continued increases in costs for materials, our pricing is subject to change at any time.

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