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Winter Stout Alpine Yurt at Monarch Mountain Ski Area

When Monarch Mountain needed homes for their Junior Mountain program, Monarch Cat Skiing and Monarch Tubing Park, they called us.

Monarch Mountain is an independently-owned, family-oriented ski area that sits on the continental divide in the Sawatch range. The elevation at the top of the mountain is 11,960 feet. Monarch has incredible ski terrain and the most breathtaking view from the top of the Panorama lift. From there you see the San Juan mountains way off to the south, with the Gunnison valley stretching out between. On a clear day, it does seem that you can see forever. There are many routes to the bottom, and all of them are prime Colorado skiing. The other great things about Monarch Mountain include: short lift lines, plentiful annual snowfall (350 inches or more), great prices and really friendly staff.

We first pitched a yurt at Monarch in 2010 for the Junior Mountain Program: a unique part of the Monarch ski school. It’s designed for 7 to 12 year-old skiers and boarders. They spend the entire day as a group, starting at the yurt, going out to the mountain, then coming back to the yurt for lunch and other activities. The young skiers and boarders think the yurt is one of the coolest parts of the Junior Mountain experience. They see it as their private hideaway- so much more unique and personal than a room in the base lodge.

In 2015, we traveled back to Monarch to pitch another yurt for Monarch Cat Skiing. When guests sign up for Cat Skiing, the yurt is the base camp. Guests enjoy the magical backcountry of Monarch, and can demo a new pair of Head powder skis or a Never Summer snowboard if desired; eat lunch in the yurt and enjoy a beer after they’re done.

In 2018, Monarch expanded their experiences by adding Monarch Tubing Park. After the success they’ve had with the other two yurts- it was an easy choice to add another yurt as the headquarters for tubing.

The yurts at Monarch are all Alpine Winter Stout yurts. It’s a yurt that is designed for the extreme conditions found at Monarch- deep unbalanced snow loads. We introduced the Winter Stout specifically for customers such as ski areas who have high altitude and deep snowfall. The Winter Stout is it the strongest yurt around, with over 10 years of real-world success in the most extreme conditions. So, when the Monarch yurts are filled with kids, backcountry adventurers or families signing up to tube, snow piled on the roof is not a concern. Staff can relax and concentrate on helping guests enjoy the unbelievable experiences at Monarch Mountain.

The management at Monarch has been very happy with the yurts. Randy Stroud of Monarch Mountain said, “We are very pleased with the yurts we purchased from Colorado Yurt Company.  It’s been a perfect mix of form and function creating a unique environment that has enhanced our guest experience.” He adds, “Colorado Yurt Company and their staff have been a pleasure to work with. Always timely and always friendly.  What more could you ask?”

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