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Powerful Symbols

Powerful symbols of new opportunities, doors can connect you to history and tradition, to fairy tales and ghost stories, to country songs and rock bands. A door can truly alter your reality because it’s where you leave one place to enter another. Colorado Yurt doors invite you to explore the space within.

The core of each Colorado Yurt door, an engineered wood product that ensures stability, durability and security, consists of a number of dimensional lumber layers bonded together with structural grade adhesives. These adhesives are moisture-resistant, durable, and keep the layers tightly attached together for decades.

Each door is handcrafted and clad with a clear, vertical grain Douglas Fir veneer.

Each door is finished with either a water-based stain or natural oil treatment that penetrates and protects the wood for years to come.

With strength and stability in mind, our doorjambs are made from solid pieces of milled and eased clear vertical grain Douglas Fir lumber.

Standard Doors

All Colorado Yurts come with a half-light door (with a window) of standard residential dimensions. Let in the light. Keep out the weather.

Door Dimensions

Dimensions: 6’8″ tall and 3′ wide, including its aluminum threshold. All doors are ADA compliant.

Door Windows

Our standard door is a half-light door (i.e. a door with a window) made of 3/16″ clear acrylic.

Rain Crickets

The rain cricket diverts rainwater away from the doorway and is attached to the roof above every door on all Colorado Yurts at no additional charge.

Door Swing Configuration

Our Standard Door is a Right-In swing. A Right-Out swing can be made by special request.

Door Upgrades

If you’re looking for additional doors, the distinctive look of French doors, the benefit of screen doors, we offer several door upgrades that can help you build your perfect yurt.

Screen Doors

Heavy-duty screen doors, crafted from Douglas fir, include solid brass adjustable spring-loaded hinges.

Handicap Access

Levered doorknobs, grab bars, and tread-plate door thresholds are among some of the items available to create a barrier-free yurt.

Additional Doors

You can add up to three standard doors, for a total of four, at an additional charge per door.

French Doors

Our French doors are 6’8″ tall and 42″ wide double doors with a full window in each side. French doors are crafted with the same quality joinery and materials as our standard doors with a durable aluminum threshold. You can upgrade any standard door to a French door for an additional charge when you place your order.

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