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Tech & Specs

Ancient Engineering Marvel

A Colorado Yurt is based on an ancient engineering marvel, and relies on physics and innovation to provide a unique, safe shelter adapted for today’s world.

Here’s how it works:

  • The compression ring at the top of the roof is under pressure from the rafters.
  • The rafters hook onto the main cable, which is under tension.
  • The main cable is a continuous loop, preset to the exact circumference of your yurt and supported by the lattice wall and doorjamb, which bolt together to form a continuous circular wall.
  • The roof material, the fabric walls, the dome, and the door enclose the yurt framework.

It’s a beautiful example of human intelligence and the laws of the universe coming together in a marriage of poetry and physics.

Building & Energy Codes

Colorado Yurts are a relatively low-impact shelter, but many locations require some form of building or planning & zoning permit to pitch a yurt. Learn more about these permits and other building and energy codes.

Yurt Replacement Accessories

A yurt isn’t a short-term investment, so over time you may find that you need to replace a part now and then. We’ve got you covered with our yurt replacement accessories.

Pitching & Set-Up

Many of our customers pitch their own yurt with the help of a group of friends and family, or by hiring a contractor. To help you prepare, you’ll want to review our step-by-step pitching instructions including a list of helpful tips.

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