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Built to Withstand

Years of Enjoyment

We build each yurt to provide years of enjoyment using wise and reliable choices of wood and outdoor fabrics inspired by diverse industries like the military and outdoor tech. Colorado Yurts are built to withstand because we take engineering very seriously. This gives you peace of mind that you’re in a sturdy, stable and safe structure.


One of the major Colorado Yurt differences is our commitment to engineering. Our yurts are all engineered yurts because our CORR brackets are included with every single yurt. Our construction and design have been tested and certified by an outside engineering firm so you will be confident your yurt will withstand heavy snows and strong winds.

We work with structural engineers to develop the strongest yurts in the business. That’s why ski resorts from around the US depend on yurts from Colorado Yurts. Contact our sales guides for our engineering data.

Wind & Snow

Different climates demand different engineering requirements that will determine the design elements of a yurt. We work with structural engineers to develop the strongest load capacities for your needs. Our experienced sales guides can help you decide which options are best for your situation.

CORR Brackets

(Compression Ring to Rafter Brackets)
The first element in an engineered yurt, CORR Brackets, strengthen the connection between the rafters and the compression ring to reduce the potential for rafter-twist. CORR Brackets are an exclusive Colorado Yurt feature and are included with every single yurt.

Big Wind Package

This package includes a 2″x4″ perimeter stud under each 2″x4″ yurt rafter. With this option, yurts are rated to 115 mph winds and above. Please contact our office for specific calculations for your site.

Full Snow and Wind Package

With this package, we combine our brackets, 2″x6″ rafters, and 2″x4″ perimeter studs for the highest level of load capability.

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Quality Materials

We build each yurt to the highest quality standards using the best materials available.


The yurt door, door jamb, and compression ring are clear, vertical grain Douglas fir. Rafters and lattice are machine stress rated (MSR) lumber in spruce, pine or fir. All wood components are sanded to exact specifications for the perfect fit and elimination of fabric-to-wood friction points, finished with a protective stain and sealer.


We use yurt roof fabrics and a selection of premium wall fabric colors, allowing you to choose yurt cover combinations that will blend with your environment or boldly stand out from the crowd!

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