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Wonders: Unforgettable Escapes in National & State Parks

Yurts present an excellent choice for individuals seeking to minimize their environmental impact on the land while offering budget-friendly four-season accommodations in remote areas for travelers. Consequently, they serve as an ideal solution for numerous state and national parks. We have taken the initiative to curate a list of top-notch yurt rentals available in local state and national parks, saving you the hassle of research.


Escalate Yurts near Grand Staircase National Monument, Utah

Experience the enchanting desert hills of Utah at Escalante Yurts, where seven charming yurts await your stay. Nestled in a breathtaking location, this serene retreat is perfectly situated amidst numerous national parks, such as Grand Staircase National Monument, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Zion!

“At Escalante Yurts, we offer the perfect blend of comfort and adventure, merging the warmth and familiarity of a bed and breakfast with the allure of glamping. Yes, glamping! It’s a delightful fusion of the luxurious amenities and tranquility found in glamorous hotels, combined with the freedom, seclusion, and close connection to nature that outdoor camping provides.”

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Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, situated on Mount Desert Island along Maine’s coastline, stands as a truly awe-inspiring destination among our nation’s remarkable National Parks. Its granite peaks beckon hikers, while its historic carriage roads offer an inviting route for bicycling enthusiasts. The untamed coastal vistas that grace the park’s landscape are nothing short of breathtaking. Eager explorers from around the globe flock to Acadia, captivated not only by its natural splendor but also by the enchanting allure of Bar Harbor, the charming town that complements the park’s allure. Among those fortunate enough to call this island paradise their home are Karen Roper and Aaron Sprague, intrepid wanderers of the world.

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Located near Rocky Mountain National Park, our beloved neighbor, YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, has proven to be an absolute treasure. In 2009, an inspired decision was made by the “Y” to establish a remarkable yurt village. With the goal of providing guests a camping-like experience with added comfort compared to traditional tent camping, they meticulously crafted a master plan. Choosing a picturesque hilltop location that offers a breathtaking vista of the valley and a mesmerizing view of the Front Range Mountains to the east, Snow Mountain Ranch truly curated an idyllic setting for their yurt village.

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Utah State Parks

Utah has long been recognized for its exceptional beauty, and it’s no surprise considering it’s our neighboring state. However, in recent years, the word has spread far and wide. The allure of Utah’s outdoor destinations has skyrocketed, captivating social media feeds and blogs worldwide with its mesmerizing red rock country, picturesque high-altitude lakes, and enchanting formations like goblins and hoodoos.

As outdoor enthusiasts flock to Utah in search of thrilling adventures, they are pleasantly surprised by the range and convenience offered by Utah State Parks. And to truly complete their unforgettable Utah experience, visitors can indulge in the unique charm of a Colorado Yurt for their camping or glamping accommodations.

Dead Horse Point State Park
Goblin Valley State Park
East Canyon State Park

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Colorado State Parks

Naturally, as the creators of the renowned Colorado Yurt, it’s only fitting that our exceptional yurts find their place in the breathtaking Colorado state parks. Discover below a selection of these remarkable parks where you can experience the magic of our yurts firsthand!

Golden Gate Canyon State Park
Mancos State Park
Pearl Lake Park
Ridgway​ State Park
Sylvan Lake State Park


Terelj National Park, Mongolia

Indulge in the Original Yurt Experience amidst the Pristine Beauty of Gorkhi-Terelj National Park! Ayanchin Four Seasons Lodge offers a modern twist on the traditional yurt, originating from the very lands where yurts were created. Set against the breathtaking landscapes of Mongolia, this lodge beckons nature enthusiasts year-round. From vibrant spring meadows adorned with wildflowers to the enchanting winter scenery draped in snowy blankets, the park’s ever-changing beauty captivates visitors.

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