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Quality & Craftsmanship


All Colorado Yurts are handcrafted in our new state-of-the-art facility using the best materials, designs, and engineering. Our next-generation features allow you to personalize your yurt to meet the needs of your lifestyle, purpose, location and budget.

We believe our success comes from treating people right and making a quality product. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship makes it easy to stand behind our yurts. Plus, when you talk with a Sales Guide or visit our website, you draw on over forty-five years of experience in the business of making shelters.

Timberline Standards

Our yurt designs are rugged, thoughtful, beautiful and intelligent, and we have “Best In Class” features that have been refined and elevated over several decades in the business.

Certified Engineering

Rest assured that you’re safe and secure in your Colorado Yurt.

  • Our designs are built to withstand and have been tested and certified by an outside engineering firm.
  • Colorado Yurts are capable of withstanding heavy snow and strong winds.
  • Engineering specs are often helpful if permitting is required in your area.

Superior Customer Service

  • Knowledgeable Sales Guides will help you choose the best package for your needs.
  • Phone support is available before, during, and after the purchase of your yurt.
  • We ship our products to customers all across the globe.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Every yurt is an engineered yurt: our brackets are included on every yurt
  • 7′-2″ walls on every yurt, with a residential standard 6′-8″ x 3′ entry door
  • Innovative full-height wall fabric is included on every yurt.
  • Never an extra charge for our full range of wall fabrics and colors
  • Heavy-duty zippered window flap can convert to an awning
  • Extra reinforcement at the bottom yurt wall attachment point
  • A lattice to floor “L” bracket attachment at every other crown instead of every five
  • An innovative wall fabric to door attachment for a secure fit
  • A door with a window standard on every yurt
  • Smooth, sanded rafter corners to prevent wear and tear on fabric
  • A handcrafted Douglas fir compression ring that is 3″ thick and 5′ wide
  • A 5′ wide dome with 6 connection points for a weather-tight fit
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