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What’s Involved in a Yurt Project?

Considerations to Keep in Mind

Putting a Colorado Yurt on your land is not complicated, but there are several considerations to keep in mind as you sketch out your yurt dreams.


Steps to Your Dream Yurt Project

  1. Dream a use for your yurt!
  2. Select a location
  3. Select Features
  4. Obtain permitting (if needed)
  5. Build a deck
  6. Bring in utilities (optional)
  7. Pitch your yurt
  8. Decorate and landscaping
  9. Enjoy!

Key Considerations


With thoughtful deck design, you can site your yurt almost anywhere. The location of your yurt will determine what kind of insulation or ventilation will be ideal for your climate, and what snow and wind loads, if any, you might need.


Beautifully-integrated features include french doors, roll-up walls, screen windows, dome lifters and more ways to work with nature to reach maximum comfort and aesthetic functionality.


Permitting is generally regulated on a local level, so whether it’s your county, city or even your homeowner’s association, you’re probably going to need approval to install your yurt. Learn more by reading about building and energy codes.


Each Colorado Yurt will need a base upon which it sits, and you get to decide how and what that base will be. Something simple? Something with the added benefit of engineering? Something that blurs the boundary between indoors and outdoors?

Your deck can be a permanent platform, a concrete slab (hello radiant heating!) or a deck consisting of structural insulated panels (SIPs).

See your yurt dream take shape from the ground up with suggested deck ideas.


If you decide to add electricity or plumbing to your yurt, we suggest starting with a floor plan before building your deck, noting where the electrical and plumbing will need to come through the floor.


Most Colorado Yurt customers set-up, or pitch, their own yurt with the help of a group of friends, or by hiring a contractor (perhaps the same one who builds your deck). To help you prepare, you’ll want to review our step-by-step pitching instructions, including a list of helpful tips.

You can also hire our crew to set up your yurt. Call our skilled sales guides to explore this option.


With creative design, a yurt can feel like more than one room with all of the benefits of privacy, separation, coziness, loftiness and functionality of a multi-roomed structure.

Finish off your new yurt with your own personal touches – furnishings, electrical and plumbing choices, flooring, furniture and decor – all the interior designs you need to complete your vision. Want to see how others have decorated and designed their yurts? Visit our inspiration gallery.


Dream realized – you’ve found your Secret Creek, now enjoy!

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If you dream it, your yurt can be it!

Our yurts are perfect for a variety of personal uses, including:

  • Full-time home
  • Backcountry hut
  • Mother-in-law suite
  • Art or yoga studio
  • Summer cabin
  • Guest house
  • Overnight rental

Ideal for a wide range of industries:

  • Campgrounds
  • Summer camps
  • Boutique lodging resorts
  • Outdoor classroom shelters
  • Warming huts
  • Event venues
  • Ski resorts

The possibilities are virtually endless!

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