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Yurt Features

Your yurt dreams begin now.

Colorado Yurts are designed with beautifully-integrated features that invite peace of mind, provide unique opportunities to connect with nature, and ensure long-lasting, safe shelter – all with the exceptional quality we’re known for.

Yurt Covers

Watertight protection inspired by the colors of nature and designed to last.

Beautiful fabric yurt covers protect the wooden roof and walls of your yurt. The fabric colors, like redstone, adobe, and sage, are designed to complement the beauty of nature. And because we only use the highest quality weather-tested fabrics, you can trust that your Colorado Yurt wall will withstand years of outdoor use.

Yurt Covers


Welcoming, secure and thoughtful entries to your yurt.

The quality and beauty of your yurt is evident before you even enter the space. We design and build the doors with the same high quality standards we’re known for. Sturdy, reliable, integrated, engineered, beautiful – your yurt door is where the invitation to enter begins.

Yurt Doors


Enjoy the view. Enjoy the light. Enjoy the fresh air.

Seamlessly connect your space to the outdoors with various options that remind you of why you spend time in nature. Frame your view with windows that celebrate your location, protect your shelter from bugs and move fresh air through the space.

Yurt Windows


All of our yurts come with a clear acrylic dome (skylight) that is certain to capture your attention the moment you step into the space. To be honest, it’s not the dome itself that is so breathtaking, but what it allows you to see beyond it – a bluebird-day; brewing storm clouds; sunset’s pastels stretching across the sky; the full moon’s face as she marches towards morning…

Yurt Domes / Skylights

Built to Withstand

Peace of mind. Enjoy the beauty of nature’s power from your safe and secure engineered yurt.

We’re proud to stand behind every Colorado Yurt with our Built to Withstand Philosophy using engineered materials that safely and reliably withstand rugged conditions like high winds and heavy snow loads.

Built to Withstand


Warmer winters. Cooler summers.

Work with nature using the added benefit of insulation. Adding insulation to your yurt will result in less energy consumption, regardless of whether you use firewood, electricity, gas or solar to warm your winter evenings or cool your summer days.

Yurt Insulation

Quality & Craftsmanship

Colorado Yurts have “Best In Class” quality and craftsmanship that has been refined and perfected over 40 years in the business. Our yurt designs are rugged, thoughtful, beautiful and intelligent.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Start Your Journey Now!

Are you ready to imagine your yurt? Explore and discover your dream yurt package now.

Yurt Packages

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